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Media Budget Optimization Models

Organizzato da: ADOPTOMEDIA, Aleksei Kuzneteov

"Media Budget Optimization Models"

AdoptoMedia is a developer of optimum media budget management software.
The 2016 research by K2 Intelligence «An Independent Study of Media Transparency» has proven that to pursue goal of effective media bugeting one can no longer rely on advertising agencies, and the media budget management expertise now has to be cultivated by the company internally.
The key issue that piques the interest of CEOs, CMOs and CFOs is the methodology behind the media budgeting process. The optimization is based on econometric modeling, allowing to calculate the impact of the company’s media spending to KPIs.
During the presentation we will break down the example of building an econometric model for a large international retailer and show a case how the model can help answer the burning questions of any company’s CEO, CMO and CFO:
•  What is the optimum budget for reaching target KPIs
•  How to properly build the brand-agency relationship
•  Which tasks can be automated using CheckMedia Solution by AdoptoMedia.