Reasons to visit

“Touch” the products that every professional should know

A B2B event designed to explore, collect ad integrate the technological scenarios connected with new production and job requirements. An opportunity to experience disruptive technologies, understand their impact in the different application areas and build an overall point of view on the business and market evolving dynamics.

At the 3rd edition, Technology Hub confirms to be an innovative exhibition, combining technology and creativity in a mix of concrete solutions dedicated to all the companies that have decided to innovate and to all those who will be the bearers of today’s and tomorrow’s innovation.

The exhibitors proposals will give you advantages in terms of:

  • Quality and service: develop performance products
  • Reactivity: reduce time-to- market
  • Efficiency: reduce costs
  • Reliability: control and supervice processes and products
  • Flexibility: reduce setup timing, produce small batches in a competitive way

Why visit Technology Hub?

  • To discover potentialities, benefits and solutions resulting from technological innovations’ use
  • To test products’ news
  • To understand how to integrate innovations with traditional production processes
  • To find the ideal tools to realize new ideas
  • To innovate business
  • To read into the leap
  • To anticipate trends
  • To encourage creativity
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