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The new robotics solutions for the companies

Flexibility, performance and immediacy are some of the benefits of collaborative and service robotics. The market highlights the need for companies to have available intelligent and easily programmable workstations, in order to facilitate integration with the operators in terms of security, usability and ergonomics. The service and industrial robotics are and will be increasingly characterized by mutual technological contamination, which provide the development of innovative solutions to optimize performances, costs and reliability of the machines in order to increase the competitiveness of companies.

Robot Hub provides an overview of all the new robotic applications involving developers and professionals interested to learn more about application’s areas and the commercial prospects of collaborative and service robotics.

All the products and services presented in Robot Hub are the expression of the highest technology dedicated to robotics and contribute to give answers to current and future needs of a growing market.

  • Industrial collaborative robotics
  • Esoskeleton
  • Service robotics in the new sectors

Robotics, training and job market will be discussed to show how the diffusion of automation within the companies will change work and will require new skills’ development that will enhance human capabilities and develop new jobs
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2018 news:

Innovative products of Robot Hub:

      • Collaborative robots
      • Robots for medical assistance to people
      • Rescue and research robots
      • Robots for teaching
      • Robots for maintenance
      • Domestic robots
      • Robots for monitoring and control
      • Robots for entertainment
      • Humanoid robots
      • Components and accessories for robots
      • Hardware and software for robots
      • Cloud robotic systems
      • Start-up and laboratories

Application areas:

      • ART
      • FOOTWEAR
      • DENTAL
      • TEACHING
      • BUILDING
      • MEDICAL
      • FASHION
      • MUSEUM
      • NAUTICAL
      • SAFETY