Conferences and Workshops

The 2017 edition’s program

Exhibition companies, technology experts, associations, University and Research centers partecipate to “build” the conferences and workshops programme, making Technology Hub an important training and professional upgrade appointment.

The last year professional programme has proposed 112 congresses and workshops with 280 training hours.

Some important workshops and their focuses

  • Metal 3DPrinting and Direct Metal Printing –Metal 3DPrinting for manufacturing
  • A new way to design: from the concept to the final product. The new Technical Office of the Future
  • Additive Manufacturing – Components Printing with metal powder
  • Industria 4.0: the new (ri)evolution of the manufacturing
  • Machine Learning Smart Solutions
  • Iot in practice: some excellence examples
  • Augmented IoT: how Internet of Thing growths
  • The virtual relaity to grow with clients and get feedback from shoppers
  • Virtual Reality for Training and Design Review
  • Robotics – Big data and Artificial Intelligence
  • The sensitive and collaborative robot KUKA in the industrial use and his involvement in sector Industrie 4.0
  • A new family of composite materials for quick productions
  • Shape-memory intelligence materials in bio-medical and in industrial sector
  • Business App for the sales force
  • Chatbots, customer experience and development
  • The actual situation of drones use
  • The drones Europe with his new rules