App, Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence Area

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Innovative software for companies

The APP, CHATBOT and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AREA is a meeting place among developers of b2b applications
and visitor companies looking for innovative software solutions, to incorporate them into their business

Technical assistance, design, management control, marketing, sales, advertising, training, e-learning, security, smart-working, organizational management are some of the themes developed in the Area.

The area will have a commercial and educational function that gives the exhibitor the opportunity to show his own skills, tell his case history, explain the technology according to the application sector and indicate the emerging trends.

The exhibitor will lead the visitor throgh the comprehension of technologies for the customer experience, showing the impacts in the traditional business processes and showing the advantages in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


It will be possible to hold workshops / technical speeches / didactic- formative speeches in order to tell visitors the best case -history that each company has realized.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY > NETWORKING > An ideal opportuity to start new business deals, open up new distribution channels, meet new professionals, and do networking.

PRODUCT SECTORS > APP mobile; Catbot; CRM; ERP; enabling technologies for Artificial Intelligence

Application sectors

Industry | Engineering and design | Medical | Automotive | Retail | Advertising | Marketing | Real estate | Tourism | Cultural Heritage / Art | Media | Entertainment | Gaming | Architecture | Naval | Didactics


TECH / Technical presentations of hardware, software and content news

APP MOBILE / exhibitors’ workshops; focus on individual knowledge and application sectors.

CHATBOT / current status of technology; relationship with APP’s world; impact on “customer engagement”; winning features of a bot.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / case History that tells the changes’ range that allow machines to perceive the reality they are in, analyze the perceived information, act and learn, both on their own and by enhancing man-made activities; efficiency and efficiency of solutions; critical issues

ERP e HR / capillary systems for end-point management distributed across the territory.

CRM / workshops and case-history; focus on sales automation’s solutions.

RPA / Robotic Process Automation with focus in the sectors banking / finance / insurance / tourism.

Opportunity for companies

Present your products advantages within the APP, CHATBOT and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AREA: you will have the opportunity to get new business relationships; give visitors the opportunity to “touch” your products and innovative services; develop alternative supply chains and sales channels; fix the corporate image