Circular economy

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Circular Economy is the future of economy, planet and people.

In Circular Economy there are two tipes of materials: natural source (bio-based materials), which could be naturally reintegrated into the biosphere and technology source which are the result of the technosphere to operate in synthetic, composition and transformation processes.

The word “circular” shows the extention of pruducts and resources life thanks to natural cycles: extraction, production, use and reuse of materials.

A revolutionary economic system, but at the same time traditional because the working principle is buit on early closed principles of nature; so there is hamony between strategy and balance of the planet.

This system needs the support of specific innovative technologies to be realized.

Technology Hub is about:

• Biopolymers
• Recycling materials and regeneration
• Services and technologies for sustainable mobility
• Sustainable Fashion
• Renewable energy
• Products life cycle
• Digital technologies and IoT for sustainability


The knowledge and the management of datas are keys factor, more than helpful, for the transition through the circular economy.
A data driven management allows to draw products and materials life cycle, to control and verify the energy consumption, to consider the environmental impacts.  Thanks to the data infomation process, so the elabolation and the extraction, it is possibile to make some important choices such as the improvement of processes, products and business systems to measure the efficiency for a continuous improvement.


Energy efficiency
• Digital Energy
• Management of datas for continuous improvement
• Design of Experiment and analysis of optimal scenario

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