Augmented and Virtual Reality Area

The AREA “AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY” (from now on as AR/VR) is a B2B meeting place between Ar/Vr applications, hardware developers and visiting companies looking for innovative technological solutions to be included in their business processes.

Maintenance, technical assistance, planning, design-review, marketing, advertising, entertainment, training, didactics, safety, rehabilitation, psycho-physical training, art and gaming are some of the issues developed in the Ar / Vr Area.

The area will have a commercial and educational function that gives the exhibitor the opportunity to show his own skills, tell his case history, explain the technology according to the application sector and indicate the emerging trends.

The exhibitor will lead the visitor through the comprehension of Ar /Vr technologies, showing the impacts in the traditional business processes and showing the advantages in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


WORKSHOPS > CASE HISTORIES > TECHNICAL SPEECHES > PROFESSIONAL TRAINING > in the AR/VR area it will be possible to hold your workshops/ technical and professional speeches in order to tell visitors the best case-histories realized by each company

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES > NETWORKING > An opportunity to start new business contacts, open up new distribution channels, meet new professionals, and do networking.

PRODUCT GROUPS > b2b applications; Vr masks; smart-glasses; wearables, 360° cameras


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Application sectors

Industry | Engineering and design | Medical | Automotive | Retail | Advertising  Marketing | Real estate | Tourism | Cultural Heritage | Art / Medical | Entertainment | Gaming | Didactics | Architecture | Naval


Design –  Speeches on new interfaces and new tools available for designers, in order to discuss which will be the impacts on design and planning

Develop – Developers’ workshops related to the most recent and high-performance hardware / tool and sdk for implementation of AR / VR projects

Work –  Use cases and thematic comparisons on impacts, ROI of AR / VR within enterprises, for  medical sector and for security fields

Life – Presentations on how AR and VR are going to revolutionize educational contexts, related to travels, tourism and leisure

Inspire – Introductory speeches that clarify the languages for advertising, edu-tainment and new scenarios for communication and expressivity

Opportunities for companies

Present your products advantages within the AREA “AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY”, you will have the opportunity to get new business relationships; give visitors the opportunity to “touch” your products and innovative services; develop alternative supply chains and sales channels; fix the corporate image.