Composite Material

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Composite Material is characterized by a notable versatility in terms of possibility of use. It is the only one that could be projected, giving the possibility to optimize the different variables that define it on the base of the specific requisite of product.

Those and others interesting themes will be tackled inside the COMPOSITE MATERIAL Area: a demonstrative and informative space, which is dedicated to last news, uses and technologies.
The purpose is to make the research of solutions easy for agencies. Moreover, mechanical performances, aesthetics and functionality of use of his own products will be increased.

Thanks to the scientific contribution of CETMA (Technologies, Design and Materials European research Centre), the Area will give at the participants the opportunity of workshops, practical demonstrations of products and processes, presentations of case history.

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Emerging Solutions

The event will offer the opportunity to all the companies that operate in the sector of the composite materials to compare themselves on the emergent solutions in terms of:

  • new raw materials and semi-finished
  • testing e designing
  • processes of innovative trasformation focus on out-of-autoclave
  • recycling and eco-friendly
  • new applications


Focus Applicative Sectors

  • Industry
  • Decor and design
  • Building-architecture
  • Medical
  • Sport

Opportunities for companies

Present your products advantages within the AREA “COMPOSITE MATERIAL”, you will have the opportunity to get new business relationships; give visitors the opportunity to “touch” your products and innovative services; develop alternative supply chains and sales channels; fix the corporate image.