Technology, Education and Work Demo Area

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Technological evolution connected with experience, might be a strategic key for education and training. This is the reason why Technology Hub  includes the “TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND WORK” DEMO AREA.

A space that underline how the digital technologies use is a basic strategic asset to prepare young people to job world.

Information, training and scientific technical competencies are the area keywords. The essential requirement for developping the professional culture and operating in the labour market.

The demonstrative area will give to the company the possibility to show how the innovation might be an essential antidote against the technological unemployment, describing case history and the combination between technology-work area, suggesting emerging trends of  scientific technical competencies that new jobs need.

The visitor will carry by the exhibitor throught the understanding and the knowledge of technologies. Showing the shock into the business processes, the experts will underline the advantages : efficiency and efficacy.


  • Robotics
  • Electronics – Computer science
  • Automation
  • Element Modelling – 3D Printing
  • IoT Solutions
  • Home Automation
  • Programmable logic controller


Students from Istituto Tecnico Salesiani, Sesto San Giovanni (MI), will present application tests and use of technology in italian high schools to show how an important innovative contribution for companies might come from high school students’ ideas.

Opportunities for companies

Join your name in this area, you can identify such as a company careful with education thematics, new jobs and positive impacts of technology on occupation.