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Nanotechnologies are an important opportunity of technological innovation and economic growth.

Their applications are essential to find solutions nanotechnological on consumables, flexible electronics, materials and products for everyday life.

Nanotechnologies might be used to improve the wear resistance, the elastic properties, the resistance to the cycles of mechanical and thermal solicitation.  

There is an increase of the duration of the life cycle of products and more multifunctional proprieties for surefaces and materials.


Technology Hub is about:

• Graphene
• Innovative areas
• Composite material
• Materials for bonding process
• Electrospinning
• Technical and smart textiles
• Micro devices and sensors

Application sectors

• textile industry
• buiding
• electronics
• consumers products
• transport
• cultural products
• medical products

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Opportunities for companies

Present your products advantages within the AREA “NANOTECHNOLOGY ”, you will have the opportunity to get new business relationships; give visitors the opportunity to “touch” your products and innovative services; develop alternative supply chains and sales channels; fix the corporate image.