Social Media Marketing Digital Communication Days Italia

Web Marketing Manager S.r.l. and #SMMDayIT organize the sixth Social Media Marketing Digital Communication Days (2018 edition) collaborating with Technology Hub

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During Technology Hub, there will be the sixth edition of Social Media Marketing Digital Communication Days Italia  – #SMMdayIT – , main point B2B about social media marketing themes and digital communication for companies, experts, associations and PA.

Three days of conference with more than 30 partecipations about key themes of social and digital world, to explain techniques, share projects, experiences, competences and culture about business Social Media and Digital , in Italy.


What is #SMMdayIT?

  • Expression of 40.000 communities of experts in Social Media & Digital Marketing area
  • Project of training accredited Ordine dei Giornalisti, a partnership with Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica. Training for more than 6.500 experts
  • More than 10.000 people bumb into Social and Digital area

Partecipant edition 2017 #SMMdayIT:

  • Businessman, Marketing Director, Communication, Sales, Customer Care, Communication officer, Web Master, Community & Social Media Manager
  • Communication agencies, PR, Advertisement, Web
  • 1.050 paying customer (directly there or livestreaming)

To get into the conference, you need a pre-accreditation.
All informations about speakers, agenda and tickets  available here:   #SSMdayIT

Partnership in lead generation

Overcome the traditional concept of Sponsorship,  there are 6 packs for all the companies partner of #SMMdayIT ; which guaranteee: Lead Generation, Visibility, Social Communication, Networking e Human touch.